Now you have a choice….


Now you have a choice….

Hi, You are probablly wondering, what in the world  is she talking
about??  Well I am talking about auto anto responder that will
build your business.  How? Getting your contacts to Know,
Like and Trust You! There are many out there to choose from.
My favorite is GVO (which is my main auto responder)  I like it
because they own everything and there  is no third party.
The full package has everything. you will ever need to have a
profitable business  for less $50 a month.
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There is also the economical for less than $10 a  month,  called
Host Then Profit.
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The other auto resonder that I use is Get Response. They have a
starter package for $15.00 a month  (up to 1,000 subscribers) .
There price goes up after you get more contacts.
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Its always good to have a backup. Check all of them out, then
choose the one that best fits you needs.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.
Marva Brooks
skypeme at marvabrooks

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