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Hey there Marva Brooks here and thanks for coming to my blog. I'd like to tell you a story. For some time, I have wanted to learn how to market on the internet so that I can retire from my current JOB! I am on my way to reaching that Goal. I have met some really top notch people and have learned a lot from the best! I have a passion for animals and I have 2 of them as pets (no longer allergic to pets. I am having lots of fun doing it! The reason why I have created this blog for you is because I would like to take you on a journey by sharing my experiences so that I can help you reach your goals and dreams. So please sign up on the form below to receive more updated Information and Resources.

I have started a Halloween Tradition

So I decided to share, by making fun videos of my costumes.
Last year I was the Happy Dancing Witch and this year I was the
Happy Dancing Pirate. By the way the dog came to  work
dressed as a Lyon!! Roar!! I had a BLAST.

Looking for suggestions for next year. Please post your comments.


Working _Dog_2015 Happy Dancin Pirate+small2015 Happy Dancing Pirate_Halloween_small