That Aaa Haa Moment….


Hi, this is Marva Brooks here.
Today I attended another one of Janet Legere’s
Get Life Training Classes. It was awlsome.

Everytme I go to one of her classes I get one of
those moments. I say I am going to write a post
on my Blog and quess what? I get distracted and
it does not happen.

Well today I decided to take what I learned from
this class and apply it Now! I always learn something
new when attending these classes…and its absolutely
free training.

If you want to make your business work for you, then
you have to expect SUCCESS!

At CLB we teach you to set up an auto responder and
attach it to a Lead Capture Page. After you do this, you
need focus on building you list. This list needs to be a
funnel to direct people to all of the programs that you
belong to. If you do this your business will grow and you
will make money.

Trainings are recorded, so that you can hear them later.

Stop complicating things being here, there and
everywhere… Every day you need to send Trafffic to your
Lead Capture Page to start getting a steady stream of
subscribers who are going to get your follow up messages.

Today I learned one simple strategy with IBO Toolbox.
It is a powerful tool. I learned how to get connected with
people. Using this simple strategy you can add 10 or 15
people daily to your skype list in just 15 minutes.
Stay focuced on building you list every day at least 1/2 to
1 hour per day. Schedule a time to advertise you Lead Capture
Page. Then you do some of the other things such as posting
to your Blog.

So take charge and join CLB Now for your road to Success..Click on the Link Below.

Marva Brooks

415-756-8535 (text only)
skype: marvabrooks

P.S. Comments are appreciated